About Center

Сenter of Excellence (СЕ)  is a unique innovative venture, whose activities are aimed at developing the potential of people and organizations in  creative  and traditional industries.

The CE promotes the development of innovative thinking and leadership, the formation of modern approaches in management and understanding of business processes.

The CE offers professional education and mastering modern technologies for building your own business, developing the qualities necessary to create innovative products and promote them on the market.

History of  CE

Our history embraces space of ten years starting from 2007  when the "Business Management" Co.LTD was established  (License В №0282346 on the state registration of a legal entity No. 28375-1901-Co.LTD dated  04.09.2007). In 2017 "Business Management" Co.LTD has undertaken institutional reorganization and rebranding which brought the Center of Excellence as a result of these transformations.

Mission of the CE 

Our mission is to develop  high–qualified cadres, capable  to produce new products and services for society and succeed in the labor market.
The CE promotes the professional development of modern thoughtful leaders who create innovative business in different sectors of the economy.

Our Principles:

  • Modern technologies of teaching;
  • Innovative approaches on business practice;
  • Cutting-edge  international experience;
  • Creative and open partnership;
  • Collaborative networking;
  • Entrepreneurial climate.

The CE team consists of a pool of qualified staff   who successfully work in various sectors  of the economy  as well  in the science  and education, who have cutting-edge knowledge in the field of production, modern  technology and have extensive international experience and a creative vision for business development.

General Director of CE – Aizhan Zaukimbek

She holds MSc. degree in Management  She has been working in various businesses at different positions , including  leadership ones. She is equipped with cutting - edge technologies of business management and acquired large experience on collaborating with staff, clients and partners.

There are several international projects implemented with direct contribution of A.Zaukimbek, including those in education area funded by the European Union.